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Female Military Doctors Impress at Int l Army Games
doyen1988 21-07-2021, 16:43

The military medical delegation of the Vietnam People’s Army got busy preparing for the International Army Games 2021.

The teams practice special medical skills for evacuating the wounded and providing them with first aid. Source: PANO

When the female military doctors of the medical contingent of the Vietnam People’s Army prepare to participate in the International Army Games 2021, everyone is impressed by their strength and agility.

According to PANO - online newspaper of the Vietnam People's Army, following the Defense Minister’s directive, the Department of Military Medicine in cooperation with defense agencies and military units selected 34 officers and soldiers for first-phase training.

After the first-phase training, 24 qualified officers and soldiers have been selected for the Vietnamese military medical delegation.They have been organized into two teams (men’s and women’s) to train further for the games.

Since March 4, the team started the second phase training to improve skills at overcoming obstacles, using weapons and medical equipment, and dealing with medical emergencies according to the competition requirements.

This year, the Vietnamese “Military Medical Relay Race” delegation will compete in three events, namely “Individual Skill,” “Team Championship,” and “Best Driver.”

Military doctors show their professional qualities on the tactical field.

The Military Medical Relay Race is considered one of the most difficult events in the Army Games, requiring high professional competence and physical fitness. During the relay race, participating troops will compete in different events, including driving medical equipment, evacuating the conditionally wounded from the battlefield and providing them with first aid. They also have to compete in weapons shooting, weapons assembly and disassembly, grenade throwing, and an obstacle course.

To achieve the best results possible at Army Games 2021, members of the team have underwent rigorous training and paid special attention to raising their professional competence.

At the event, the stuntmen often weigh over 80kg, which requires medical serviceperson to be physically strong to complete the test.

This is the third time that the Vietnam People's Army Medical Team has participated in the Military Medical Relay Race event at the Army Games. The participating doctors and nurses include 1 male team and 1 female team, each team consists of 7 members.

In spite of facing numerous difficulties, all of them are ready to show their strong resolve and showcase the abilities of the Vietnamese military medical staff at the 2021 Army Games.

The success of the team is determined by the skillful actions of each participant, the coherence and speed of searching and transporting the wounded.

Performing each element of the competition requires high professional skills and physical endurance from military medics.

Evacuating the wounded from the battlefield and providing them with first aid.

International competition Military Medical Relay Race is a complex sport, and professionally oriented competition among the military men passing military service under the contract on military posts of medical staff, nurses and other medical personnel military (naval) level medical service of the armed forces of the states parties to the international Army games, according to information on Russian Federation Defence Ministry's website.

These are applied competitions between military doctors and medical units on the implementation of special medical skills (first aid, delivery of the wounded from the battlefield, etc.) with the use of military equipment, as well as competitions on the management of special equipment on rough terrain.

Vietnam will host the Military Medical Relay Race and the second group stage of the Sniper Frontier contests at the 2021 Army International Games.

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Hannah Nguyen